Precautions & After-Care

Precautions & After-Care

1) Dress your child appropriately on the day of piercing and for the week following the piercing, for ease in changing the clothing & to avoid irritating her ears.

2) Do not remove the ear stud during the healing period for a minimum of Six to Eight weeks as the piercing may seal very soon. Have a sterile replacement pair of earrings ready the day you plan to change the earrings.

3) Strictly avoid earrings that contain a high % of NICKEL or are Nickel plated. It’s a common cause of infection and healing may be delayed due to infections or allergies from earrings of different metals.

4) ‘Overcare’ & use of multiple cleaning solutions may also cause irritation resulting in infection. Special Ear Care and Body Piercing Antiseptic’s for aftercare are available at KYRA – Gold & Diamond Park

5) Always wash your hands before touching your child’s piercing. Every few days gently rotate the earrings in the ear & massage the area around for blood circulation. This will also prevent grime from settling around the pierced lobe.

6) From time to time, check if the ear studs have the specially designed rounded ear backs securely in place. Clean the post (stick) of any new earring with the special ear care antiseptic from KYRA before you put them on.

7) Avoid Fashion Jewelry, large hoops or danglers as your baby may pull them or they may get caught in clothing and hurt her.

8) Please ensure the child does not swap earrings with her siblings, friends or even the Parent. For teens & adults, if you have multiple piercings, avoid swaping earrings between your own lobe and cartillage piercings.

9) Avoid strong cosmetics, hair colour, facial bleach and public swimming pools for a week due to presence of concentrated chemicals. This may affect your new piercing resulting in delayed healing.

10) Signs of an infected piercing:

   a. Prolonged soreness around the pierced area

   b. Continued swelling and redness for over three weeks

   c. Pus oozing from the infected area and skin rashes In case you suspect an infection immediately remove the earring and consult a doctor.

11) Click here to watch a video on Navel Piercings Precautions & Aftercare.

 Click here to download the Piercing Aftercare document


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