Nose Piercings

Nose Piercing at KYRA

KYRA offers an excellent range of 14K/ 18K White & Yellow Solid Gold style nose studs ideal for sensitive skin. For Safe , Sterile & Hypoalergenic piercings , The stud can also be purchased by itself if you already have a Nose Piercing.

Please Note :-

1. The Price mentioned, is an all inclusive package for Numbing, Piercing and the Nose Stud itself.

2. Each nose stud is fully Encapsulated, Hypo-Allergenic and 100% Nickel-Free.

3.It comes with a unique and patented rounded push back, designed for safety and comfort. An optional silicon push back is also available for individuals who do not prefer the metal back.

4. A numbing cream/spray is applied on the nose area when you arrive for your appointment. However if possible, we recommend you to apply the numbing cream ‘EMLA’ approximately 30-40 minutes prior to the piercing appointment. This helps in easing the discomfort / pinch that you may experience during the piercing process. The EMLA cream is easily available at all major pharmacies within UAE.

To buy this item please contact us directly for more details.

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