Body Jewelry



Gold Plated 3/8 Circular Ear Surgical Steel

Spiral Spike Navel Surgical Steel

Small Diamond Long Bar Industrial Ear Piercing in Surgical Steel


Acrylic Wave Color Tongue surgical Steel

Acrylic Tiger Multi-Color Surgical Steel

Acrylic Marble Multi-Color Surgical Steel

Rose Multi-Stone Heart Surgical Steel Belly Ring

Navel Shape Multi Stone Dice Crystal Surgical Steel


Gold Plated Screw Heart Surgical Steel

Curved Baby Spike Eyebrow in Surgical Steel

Poly Pop-in Labret Crystal Surgical Steel


Pregnancy Retainers & Pregnancy Belly Bars

Our range of PTFE pregnancy retainers and pregnancy belly bars. Keep you piercing throughout your pregnancy with a pregnancy piercing retainer
Body Piercing Jewellery and Pregnancy
What will happen to my navel piercing during and after pregnancy? During pregnancy the length of the navel piercing will stretch and flatten, but the gauge (or thickness) will not stretch.

Some women with healed piercings have successfully worn jewellery throughout their pregnancies. In other cases the ridge of the navel expands and flattens so much as to make the jewellery uncomfortable.

PTFE or Bio compatible jewellery can be more comfortable than metal because it is softer and more flexible.

After delivery the navel will return to its original shape but the skin may be loose and in some cases the piercing may sag.ab-crystal-ptfe
If the piercing is still healing it is unlikely that the piercing can be maintained as the stomach enlarges the pressure could easily cause the piercing to reject. Infection must be avoided as a serious infection could travel to the interior of the abdomen and possibly affect the pregnancy or the baby. In the interest of maintaining good health and reducing risks that could affect your pregnancy, it is very important to wear the correct jewellery and ensure that the piercing is regularly cleaned. Navel wash is a product which can be purchased from JoBananas aftercare section and is suitable for daily cleaning.

Women who have had children usually do not have a risk of the piercing migrating or rejecting because the skin has been stretched.

What jewellery’s do you recommend during my pregnancy?
ptfe_belly_ring_Either PTFE or Biocompatible belly bars are suitable. We offer PTFE in lengths up to 30mm and Bio in lengths up to 19mm.

To summarize, both materials can be cut to size and attachments can be threaded on to either end (either metal or acrylic), both are flexible, the main difference is that PTFE is totally flexible and Bioplast is preformed into a curve and available in different colors. Both options are equally safe and comfortable 

While your bump is growing you should allow an extra 4mm length to allow for growth and comfort. Your belly bar should not become too tight, if it does you should consider buying a larger length. You can always cut it down afterwards for use after the baby arrives!



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