Piercings at KYRA

Piercing at KYRA

At ‘KYRA’ – Gold & Diamond Park, Piercings are done FREE !! on purchase of the specially designed piercing jewelry that is 100% SAFE, STERILE and HYPO-ALLERGENIC. KYRA is the Authorized distributor for the Inverness range of Earrings, Nose Studs & Navel Jewelry for Regular and for Sensitive skin types. Piercings at KYRA are performed with extreme care and in utmost hygiene with the ‘Inverness Safe Piercing System’.

The 5 Step Piercing Process :-

The 3 Step Piercing Process

We do not recommend or use GUN-SHOT piercings. At KYRA a specially designed staple instrument is used for each piercing. Unlike in a gun-shot piercing which is used in a few Clinics, Piercings at KYRA are very gentle & almost painless. Through out the piercing process the force is fully controlled by the trained professional until the stud is securely placed in the perfect location that was marked after the sterilization.

You no longer have to go through the horror of the pain & agony caused by gunshot and manual piercings. Our well trained staff make any piercing feel like , just a slight ‘Prick or Pinch’. It is simply evident that Piercings done exclusively at KYRA in Dubai are more superior than any other place or mechanism used. The Inverness Piercing System has been voted the best technique by several Piercing Professionals , Parents , Children and Adults who have used or tried them . Each piece of jewelry is Fully encapsulated from the point of production itself , complies to EU Nickel Standards and are specially designed with a “Patented” Safety Clutch back mechanism for added safety & protection, for children as well as adults.

At ‘KYRA’, there are plenty of piercing styles to choose from (Download catalogue). Prices for Ear studs may start at AED 150 onwards going upto AED 550 for Premium Styles in Solid Gold. You may select the style online and make an appointment with us to check for availability. As a small treat all your brave little angels will be awarded with a ‘Certificate of Bravery’ free with every piercing done.

Precautions and Aftercare details are explained to you during the appointment. Download a copy here.

For more Piercing FAQ‘s, please click here.

Piercings at KYRA are Safe, Sterlie and Hypo-Allergenic


                                            Book Your Piercing Appointment

Book Your Appointment at KYRA

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  • Our contact info:Email: email@kyra.aeTel: +971 4 340 68 68
    Visit www.kyra.ae for more info.



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