Select Your Diamonds at KYRA

Why should a Diamond Purchase from be any better than, from others in Dubai or on the internet ?

1. The diamond search menu on, directly connects you to a hand picked inventory of over 75 large diamond sight holders,  wholesalers and manufactures from diamond districts around the world giving you an extensive range to choose from. Since we do not have to physically hold this capital intensive inventory, it reduces our operational cost and in turn we are able to make a sale of that particular diamond to you at a much lower margin than a traditional business.

2. A substantial selection of diamonds from the largest emerging diamond marketplace DUBAI with No sales or Income Tax , 0% Import duties, Lower over-heads , 100% Free Trade Zone, and the list of advantages just goes on… All this eventually converts into a better costing for us and naturally this advantage is passed on to you.

3. Experienced team of G.I.A graduate Gemologists taking you through the fundamental 4c’s of a diamond, exhibiting physical samples of certified diamonds of various Colour, Clarity , Cut and Carat  to help you make a much more informed buying decision. And did we mention Competitive prices at, typically saving you 30% when compared to many traditional retailers.

4. Optimum Inventory control, we source cut and polished stones directly from Legitimate DTC Sightholders, Diamond miners and cutters from around the world. We strive to give you the best quality Diamonds directly, thereby cutting out the middlemen & their commissions.

5. Individual Gem & Jewellery Certification from unbiased Independent labs like GIA, HRD, IGI with custom lazer incriptions and more.

6. Same Day Repairs & Deliveries only at KYRA, a team of in-house experts, CAD designers and traditional goldsmiths design and create any style of jewellery keeping a firm grip on gold and diamond weight, including the cost and quality of labour.

7. Selective Gem Quality Diamonds (including Ideal cut diamonds) that meet your CutCaratColour, and Clarity criteria. A shocking fact is that, 75% of all round brilliant cut diamonds and 88% of all other Fancy cut diamond shapes on the market are poorly proportioned to retain carat weight rather to maximise sparkle. In contrast, we handpick our Diamonds to maximize cut. Majority of our diamonds have the highest grades for Cut proportions on independent diamond grading certificates – so no concessions here. Unless the customer is well informed , has a budget restrain & is willing to compromise just a little to accommodate for a larger stone or a better colour.

 Click here to download the Diamond Search Tool document.

For Inquiries and/or Appointments

  Please call

       T : + 971 4 340 68 68

       M : + 971 50 585 2400



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