Driving Directions

Driving Directions to KYRA at Gold & Diamond Park, Dubai, UAE

GPRS – +25° 7′ 32.52″, +55° 12′ 34.68″    (25.125701,55.209634)

KYRA is located within the Gold & Diamond Park complex in Building no.2, Office Block, Ground Floor, Unit 2024, on Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai , Behind the First Gulf Bank FGB Metro Station or near the Al Barsha Traffic Department. T: +971- 4 -340 68 68, email@kyra.ae.

 Please note , we are NOT in the building where the retail jewellery stores are, that is Bldg no.4. Kindly ask the Security for assistance to direct you towards Building.2

 Kindly follow the steps below on Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai when driving from the Trade Centre towards Mall of Emirates, Interchange no.4

 1. Take the Exit 39, the last free exit before the Al Barsha Salik Toll Gate that takes you to Mall of Emirates & to Umm Sequeim.

 2. Keep to your right, to take the Exit for Umm Sequeim East; going up,  this will get you on the fly-over (Interchange no.4).

 3. On the fly-over, keep to your extreme Right & Follow the Blue sign that says Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Sharjah.

 4. This brings you back on to the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road, headed towards Sharjah & the Trade Centre.

 5. Drive straight ahead & Take a U-TURN at the EXIT 42, i.e. where you see Dubai Garden Centre on your left & a Metro Station ahead.

 6. The Gold & Diamond Park complex is ahead, has a large EMAAR signage on a cream building & is behind First Gulf Bank Metro Station.

 7. KYRA DIAMONDS is within this complex in Building no.2, Office Block, Ground Floor, Unit 2024. T: +971- 4 -340 68 68, email@kyra.ae.

Please note , we are NOT in the building were the retail jewellery stores are.

 Please Follow the steps below when driving on Sheikh Zayed Road from Abu Dhabi towards Dubai.

  1. Drive towards Mall of Emirates in Dubai and follow the steps mentioned above, after point number 5.

Parking within the Gold & Diamond Park complex is Free for the 1st One hour and after 5.00 pm on weekdays,

Parking within the Gold & Diamond Park complex is Free All Day on weekends Fridays & Saturdays and on Public Holidays

For Inquiries and/or Appointments

 Please call

     T : + 971 4 340 68 68

        M : + 971 50 585 2400


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