About Us

Wall logo2Located in the Gold & Diamond Park – Dubai UAE, ‘KYRA is a jewelry manufacturer and an online retailer for Fine Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Gold Bullion and Certified Diamonds. ‘KYRA’ sports a spell binding array of beautiful creations, sourced from the best in the world & customized to your needs. Jewels from ‘KYRA’ are for the ones who seek to make a statement of elegance and brilliance opulence.

KYRAis a name that originates from the Greek, it means ‘Princess’. ‘KYRA’ also signifies ‘Brilliant Light’. To the Russians ‘KYRA’ means ‘Beloved’. To the Persians ‘KYRA’ means ‘Queen’ and to us ‘KYRA’ means expressing an art form that can be adorned. KYRA represents You!

Products offered : Diamond Jewelry, Platinum Wedding Bands, Solitaire Rings, 18k Italian Gold Jewellery, Gold Bullion, Certified Diamonds, Gemstone Jewellery.

Services Offered : Safe Ear Piercing, Customized Design, Diamond Appraisal Reports, Repair and Cleaning.

Contact: email@kyra.ae
Tel: +971 4 340 68 68
Visit www.kyra.ae for more info.


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